Biblioteca Digital


  • Globalidad
  • Integración
  • Multimedia
  • Ejecutabilidad
  • Inmediatez
  • Potencialidad
  • Ubicuidad
  • Replicabilidad

Categorías de los componentes o recursos

  • Entorno
    – usuarios, marco, proveedores
  • Infraestructura tecnológica
    – hardware, software, redes
  • Colección digital
    – Documentos electrónicos de cualquier tipo, medio y formato
  • Normas y recomendaciones
    – Protocolos de conexión, estructura de los registros, codificación y formato, identificadores, etc.
  • Staff
    – Equipo de profesionales

Algunas definiciones de “Biblioteca Digital” en el Web:

  • Collection of texts, images, etc., encoded so as to be stored, retrieved, and read by computer. Digital printing
  • The meaning of the phrase digital library varies tremendously, but one simple definition is the use of computers to store library materials appearing in electronic (digital) format.
  • Digital libraries can include reference material or resources accessible through the World Wide Web. Digitized portions of a library’s collection or original material produced for the web can also be included in a digital library.
  • an integrated set of services for capturing, cataloging, storing, searching, protecting, and retrieving information
  • “[N]etworked information in the research and education communities.” “[Digital] Libraries… [are] …technological and social developments that are fueled by information technology, bioinformatics, and networked information.”, DLESE is an example of a digital library within the NSF’s NSDL.
  • a collection of digital representations of information content, along with hardware, software, and personnel to support the functions of a traditional library plus knowledge worker operations like searching, browsing, and navigation
  • Digital libraries are full-text databases that replicate, in digital media, many of the functions of traditional libraries. They tend to contain a purposefully selected collection of texts plus various means of access to these texts. ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science (Reitz 2000) defines ³digital library² simply as: ³A library in which a significant proportion of the resources are available in digital (machine-readable) format, as opposed to print or microform. The process of digitization began with indexes and abstracting services, then moved to periodicals and reference books.²
  • A collection of photographic images available as digitised data. It’s now common for both image libraries and photographers to offer their works digitally, mainly on CD-ROM.
  • A digital library comprises digital collections, services and infrastructure to support lifelong learning, research, scholarly communication and preservation.

Fuente: 2005-05-25

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